DharmaBridge Live Retreat

June 28-July 1, 2019

With Kelly Blaser, RYT, LMFT

Reserve Your Spot for 2 or 3 Nights

A 3- or 4-Day Immersion Experience

Lift yourself out of habit, and remember that life is precious. Look through the lens of dharma, and see yourself and your life with fresh eyes. Breathe deeply. Make a positive change.

The Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California provides the spiritual setting for this important inner work. This special place, with temples, beautiful vistas, and healing energy has been home to a committed community of yogis for almost 40 years. 

Q: Who is this retreat for?

Anyone interested in opening up their eyes to the preciousness of human life.

Seekers & yogis who want to integrate dharma teachings into daily experience.

People who are ready for a profound change AND people who like their practice and spiritual work to be light, playful, and fun. Both will happen!

Anyone who wants a reliable way back to grace on the days when one's inner world seems jumbled to smithereens.

(Psst: If you're looking for a deeper transformation, you may want to consider getting private support as part of this retreat. If that is the case, pay attention to your welcome email, as I have a few openings for pre-retreat, short term, private coaching.)

Q: What's included in the price? 

  • Nine classes with Kelly in meditation, dharma, asana, and applying the wisdom teachings to your life.
  • Antenna Listening instruction and practice.
  • Room and Board: Delicious vegetarian meals, cozy accommodations, 24 hour tea and snacks.
  • Free access to hiking trails, hot tub, and temple grounds.
  • For an additional fee: optional massage and Ayurvedic bodywork.

Q: I've done a lot of spiritual work. How is this different?

"The mind knows no answers. The heart knows no questions." - Buddha

While we'll enter into a beautiful space of self-inquiry and explore our own inner growth during this retreat, we will also land in the wholeness of spiritual practice in a way that feels 'complete' - and deeply settles anxieties.  

"Awareness, needing nothing outside itself, is the cause of the manifestation of all things." - Pratyabhijnahrdayam 

This retreat offers a non-dual twist: By turning toward the vexations of mind -instead of trying to get away from them -you will build your capacity for intimacy with the wholeness of life. This, unlike other approaches, allows us to see clearly and cherish all that comes to us.

We've added a 3 day, 2 night option! Prices start at $494.

Your Guide on the DharmaBridge Path

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge, as well as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Marriage Family Therapist. She has worked with couples, families, and individuals for over 2 decades in navigating the complexities of relationship, including relationship with Self. 

Kelly's work is to help others experience the infinite compassion beneath the chaos of life and to remind them of their true nature. Her programs and retreats focus largely on the power of applying the dharma to one's relationship with oneself and others. She helps people train themselves in meditation and compassionate self-inquiry, so they can gain freedom from conditioned mind and open up to possibility.

DharmaBridge Live Retreat June 28-July 1, 2019 

Check in begins at 4pm on Friday, and the final class ends at 3pm on Monday. Mount Madonna provides healthy, vegetarian meals with extensive options for dietary restrictions. Additional terms and conditions apply. See checkout page for details.