What will happen when you realize that YOU are the seed of change, and finally understand how to activate that realization? What happens when you put this knowing, and the practices of remembrance, in the center of your life?

Lots of people know that the discipline of meditation would change everything. It's rather obvious. Radical self-inquiry and self-compassion, if practiced regularly, and with guidance, so that the process is directly woven into your daily life, creates quantum shifts. But few people set themselves up with the support necessary to conduct a life of deep inquiry and committed practice, and thus few experience its fruits.

With this life-changing program, including the ongoing support of spiritual community, the wisdom of priceless dharma teachings, and powerful coaching from Kelly, you will experience what many have called the "most powerful work" they have ever done.

DharmaBridge Essentials

Spiritual Community

Weekly group classes for training and discussion create an atmosphere of shared purpose and support. 

For the 5th year in a row, Kelly will shepherd the DharmaBridge community through the time-tested processes in that build the resilient support of sangha, one of the indispensable refuges on the spiritual path. 

Walking together in sangha sparks greater insight than any of us could achieve alone. Additionally, the processes that we have built out as an ongoing DharmaBridge sangha brilliantly hold each member in integrity and clarity, and keep us remarkably free of any drama.


Unlike most group programs, DharmaBridge includes one-on-one personal coaching with Kelly at every level of enrollment. You will begin with personal support with Kelly, you'll receive trimesterly support calls, and have access to Kelly during office hours as well as through voxer.

Kelly has a proven track record. She has helped many people like you blend ancient wisdom with modern insights in psychology to reach deep levels of peace, actualization, and leadership.

You'll also receive individual support from a small group DharmaBridge mentor,

Practices &

In DharmaBridge, you'll learn sublime techniques for piercing through conditioned mind and opening up space for kindness, creativity, and life-changing wisdom to unfold within you. 

Methodologies are drawn from the Vajrayana, Zen, Shaiva/Shakta Tantra, Somatic Psychotherapy, IFS, and neuroscience based mindfulness techniques.

These practices will be directly applicable to your relationships with Self and others.

Importantly, the support of this program helps people establish a dedicated meditation practice, juiced up with a connection to the mystic.


Your guide, Kelly Blaser, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Dharma Teacher, and a powerful coach, with an emphasis in the non-dual Shaiva and Shakta dharma traditions and Buddhist Psychology.

Kelly will coach you in understanding time-tested 'dharma maps,' so that you can unravel and digest conditioned patterns, and free yourself to live your best life.

Year after year,  people have said that learning the 'dharma maps' has been more supportive and revelatory than any other spiritual or therapeutic work they have done. The combination of Dharma studies with modern psychology yields clarity and deep understanding.

During DharmaBridge You Will...

Spark and sustain a deep and abiding self-love.

Learn a fierce approach to Metta Meditation as a way to discipline the mind, digest life experience, heal traumas, and create new possibilities.

Receive coaching in Kelly's signature "Temple Gate Process" for recognizing triggers as portals to wisdom.

Practice Tonglen Meditation to fortify the habit of treating inner and outer suffering with limitless compassion.

Nurture your capacity for loving relationships through the profound experience of sangha and the alchemical practice of Antenna Listening.

Explore non-dual perspectives of the tantric traditions so that everything you experience becomes an opportunity for awakening.

Understand yourself and others more readily with psychological maps offered by modern psychology and non-dual dharma traditions.

Repeatedly access the energy of the deepest Self, and learn to stay present with it, so that you can both take in the good, and be a seed of awakening for others.

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Who Should Join DharmaBridge?

DharmaBridge is a diverse group of friends on the path. Many continue on for multiple years, or become mentors. Some are teachers, creators, or healers who came because they wanted to deepen their practice and understanding of the dharma. Some join because they want to better serve their community. Some are professionals who have been successful, but not satisfied, and who have felt ready to go beyond 'driven' and derive empowerment from connection with source.

DharmaBridge might be for you if you've been on a spiritual path for years, perhaps practicing yoga or dabbling in meditation and other healing modalities, but you keep losing the thread and falling back into unconscious habits.

If you're ready to interrupt the cycles of grasping, aversion, blame, and shame, DharmaBridge will serve you.

If you know you have more to offer the world but can't seem to stay on track with your goals and dreams, DharmaBridge will serve you.

If you're ready to step into the next phase of your life with spiritual resilience, clarity of mind, and soulful purpose, you've arrived.

You're in the right place if you want to prioritize spiritual practice and loving-kindness as the primary touchstones for how you move through the world. Now just take the next step...

Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses

Qualify for deep discounts on access to any short term trainings or DharmaBridge Live Retreats Kelly offers during the course of the program.

Group voice messaging via the Voxer App to stay in practice and fortify the spiritual companionship of being in sangha.

Access to Kelly's Monthly "Office Hours": First come, First served.

Become eligible for Sukkha Circle, Kelly's next level sangha experience and training.

Earlybird pricing and bonuses are available now!


Are you ready to leap forward in your spiritual practice, free yourself from conditioning, and open up to possibility?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DharmaBridge Right for Me?

This program will benefit anyone who wants to improve their understanding and real-world application of non-dual dharma traditions. The process is valuable for anyone who wants to build stronger, more resilient relationships with themselves and others. DharmaBridge works well in support of conscious life transitions, career development, personal discipline, self-care, and healing. DharmaBridge participants over the last 5 years have come from many walks of life. The program is useful for teachers, healers, physicians, professionals, business owners, activists. We take a radically non-dual lens and have an anti-racist approach. The program creates the deep internal changes that are necessary at the level of the collective to create massive healing in the world. It also increases one's ability to feel kindness, forgive, set healthy boundaries, and move through the world in a way that is consciously aligned with your intention, and of benefit to all beings.

Do I Need To Be A Yogi or a Buddhist to Participate in DharmaBridge?

Not at all. The non-dual lens we study and practice in DharmaBridge welcomes and makes space for all experiences. This program will teach you reliable methodologies for deepening the quality of humanity you bring to whatever spiritual or secular tradition most inspires you. If you are trying to deepen in self-understanding and connection with others, this program is for you.

How Much Does the Program Cost?

DharmaBridge pricing depends on a variety of factors including which plan you enroll in and whether you qualify for a variety of possible discounts. To avoid confusion, we will discuss pricing with you on a consultation call. 

Once we determine that the program is a good fit for you and agree upon a suitable pricing plan, a $500 enrollment fee secures your spot.

Applying for DharmaBridge is completely free. Click here to apply and schedule a consultation, now.

What's the Time Commitment?

DharmaBridge begins with an opening session on Tuesday, Jan 26th at 12 noon Pacific time and runs for 9 months.

Three weeks per month, Kelly will host a live DharmaBridge video/phone call with the sangha of participants. These calls are one hour each, typically on Tuesdays at 12noon Pacific time. It's recommended that you attend these calls live, however you may also replay the call recordings by accessing the private DharmaBridge membership site.

Once per month, the DharmaBridge Mentors will lead small group sessions on various days and times.

Four weeks per month, DharmaBridgers are invited to join a practice session led by Kelly, a Guest Teacher, or a DharmaBridge mentor. These calls include meditation and asana practices relevant to the work we are doing. These calls will typically be held at 8am PST on Fridays. Often, these sessions will be made available to the wider community (past DharmaBridgers and other students).

Additional time commitments include establishing dedicated meditation and asana practices, with coaching for how to make sustainable commitments that are in keeping with your vision. Monthly, you will receive new guided meditation and asana practice recordings to support these commitments.

Homework will include watching pre-recorded dharma teachings once a month (20-50 min), inquiry practices and projects (time varies), weekly antenna listening meetups (20-30 min), and monthly or trimesterly personal support calls, according to your path of enrollment (see below).

Those on the Mentor track (Diamond) will have more extensive homework, and certain readings and recordings will be required. Mentors should plan on a time commitment of approximately 4 hours a week, which includes your personal mentoring.

All of the group call and practice recordings will be downloadable and remain published with unlimited access within the DharmaBridge membership website for you to replay, even after the DharmaBridge cycle closes.

Is this Therapy?

In delivering the DharmaBridge group program, Kelly Blaser is acting as a Yoga & Meditation Instructor and a Coach, not as a Marriage Family Therapist. If you are seeing a psychotherapist, you should remain in their care, as DharmaBridge does not replace psychotherapeutic care. 

That said, Kelly created the DharmaBridge program due to a strong sense that group work with the support of dharma teachings can create faster, more powerful change for many people than psychotherapy.

It's said that only a true narcissist cannot learn from the lessons of another. When we bond with sangha, every transformation from each group member becomes a gift to everyone present, and the growth that ensues is exponential.

Is this for me? I really want change, but can I trust this process?

A lot of people have tried a lot of programs, read a lot of books, and worked with multiple therapists or coaches, and have lost trust in the process. If you are wanting change, but sense that you are reluctant to risk again, or have totally given up, I want to deeply encourage you to open up and try again.

Whatever you are struggling to transform or bring into being in your life can come to pass. We can learn to stop beating ourselves up, numbing out, or running away. We can transform our suffering into nourishment. Through relationship with the wisdom tradition, combined with powerful guidance, and regular reflection in sangha, everything is possible. If you want to free yourself from conditioned beliefs, open up to possibility, and take action from deepest center, please open up and explore the option. Please connect.

Two DharmaBridge Paths 



Lotus Path is a profound deepening of meditative work with the Dharma traditions and gives you a full experience of what it is transform within the DharmaBridge process and through work with Kelly. Lotus is appropriate for anyone who is drawn to the DharmaBridge because they want to elevate and support themselves through their lives, alleviate suffering, and deepen on the spiritual path.

Lotus Plan consists of 1 hour of live weekly training/practice with Kelly and the DharmaBridge Team. Kelly leads calls 3x/mo, and a DharmaBridge Mentor leads a call for the whole sangha on the final week of the month. Each DharmaBridge Mentor also leads a monthly call with their small group. Each small mentor group is 6-7 people.

While we know that everyone has complex lives and things do come up, the expectation is that you are going to endeavor to come to calls live as much as possible. Please let us know if your schedule would preclude you from coming live, so that we can accommodate you.

The program begins with a 45 minute Intake call with Kelly. Each trimester, you will have one 30 minute call with Kelly. Kelly also holds “Office Hours” during one week per month. Office hours are 15 min slots for whomever needs support.

Diamond includes all of the above, and is a deeper dive that requires 75% completion of all calls and bonus trainings, as well as other requirements, and includes certification. See the Diamond Section to the right, to understand the differences.

Please discuss with Kelly or the DharmaBridge team through a personal call.  

Diamond Plan is a DharmaBridge Certificate Program. At the conclusion of the program, provided requirements are fulfilled, participants become “DharmaBridge Certified Counselors”, which can serve as the foundation of a coaching or counseling practice, or could lead to a second year as a DharmaBridge Mentor.

The Diamond Plan of DharmaBridge is for serious seekers who intend to go beyond seeking and also become seeds of the work by offering support for others, either by offering their own services in a private practice or inside the container of DharmaBridge.

Diamond plan includes all of what Lotus includes, and offers additional training in personality structures, healing trauma, deeper dharma studies, spiritual support for cultivating the vision and embodying the courage necessary for building a business. We also provide optional additional business training with DharmaBridge's Chief Marketing Officer and others.

Diamond Plan also provides monthly sessions with Kelly, as well as feedback and supervision for your own personal vision and your  Antenna Listening practice, which can serve as the theoretical foundation for a non-dual approach to counseling.

Monthly Requirements: 9 hours, including the following:

4 hours of DharmaBridge video training with Kelly or guest presenters (75% of the time live, ideally)
3 hours of reading and reflective writing
2 hours of Antenna Listening with an assigned partner
1/2 hour of support with Kelly and 1/2 hour with Mentor

Diamond members begin with the strong intention of maintaining a consistent meditative and embodied practice, and addressing any obstacles to that practice with Kelly.

Diamond is about integrating the teachings and the practice so thoroughly that you become confidently and steadily rooted into the Self. Upon completion of the program, you will trust yourself to become, essentially, a seed of the transformation, and to serve others in the process of healing and awakening to essence nature.

Please discuss with Kelly or the DharmaBridge team through a personal call.  

Are you ready to leap forward in your spiritual practice, free yourself from conditioning, and open up to possibility?

Are you ready to become a seed of transformation?