DharmaBridge LIVE Retreat

August 27-29, 2021 ~ with Kelly Blaser, RYT, LMFT

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A 3-Day Immersion Experience

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Surround yourself with beautiful vistas and healing energy for a weekend of contemplative practice at Bell Valley Retreat, in Boonville, California.

In the presence of timeless dharma wisdom, a sangha to share the path, and your own awakened nature, you will lift yourself out of habit and touch the preciousness of life.  

This weekend offers you space to breathe deeply and recommit to all you hold dear.

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My Vision

My vision for this retreat is to bring all of us together in person to experience the connection of sangha, after such a long time, and really immerse in the field of dharma and practice with one another.  

This retreat will distill some of the core teachings from my in-depth program, DharmaBridge, into a condensed form. Each DharmaBridge LIVE retreat crystallizes the value of the dharma teachings for the retreatants.

What's included in the price? 

  • Eight sessions with Kelly in meditation, dharma, asana, and applying the wisdom teachings to your life.
  • Antenna Listening instruction and practice.
  • Room and Board: Delicious, catered meals & a range of cozy accommodation options.
  • Access to hiking trails and retreat facilities.
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The Value

Practicing together in person, in this tranquil setting, we will enter into a deep space of meditative inquiry and inner growth, settling anxieties, creating intimacy with the wholeness of life, and integrating all we learn.

I hope you'll come with us to carry the value of presence deeper into your own heart, remember your inherent luminosity, see more clearly, and cherish all that comes.

When you come on a DharmaBridge LIVE retreat, you'll experience a hand-picked selection of teachings and techniques from the lineages of Buddhism, Śaiva & Śakta Tantra, & modern psychology. You'll open up the dense structures of mind, shift perspective, and generate compassionate attitudes and actions.

Our practices will emphasize meditation and interactive ("antenna") listening, but may also include writing inquiry, creativity, breath work, mantra, movement, and asana.

You'll see how these transformative approaches can weave into daily life, keeping your awareness fresh and your heart clear as you move through a living world.

I've chosen Bell Valley Retreat for this event, so we can benefit from immersion in an environment conducive to insight and introspection. Situated in the stunning beauty of the Northern California landscape, the venue's design incorporates careful attention to deeply nurturing aesthetics.

DharmaBridge Live Retreat
August 27-29, 2021

Check in begins at 4pm on Friday, and check out is by 11am on Sunday.
**Terms and conditions apply.**
COVID Vaccination REQUIRED for attendance.
Please see the payment page for details.

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis in Buddhism, Śaiva and Śakta Tantra, and Somatic Psychology.  

She is dedicated to the power of metta (loving-kindness) as the driver of access to reality, and thus true transformation at the personal and collective level. Her programs and courses focus largely on the power of applying the dharma to one's relationship with oneself and others. Kelly helps people train themselves in meditation, mindfulness practices, and compassionate self-inquiry, so they can gain freedom from conditioned mind, open up to possibility, and contribute to deep systems change at the level of the collective, for the benefit of all beings.

Kelly began yoga and sitting practice in 1989. She has taught yoga and meditation since 1997 and has been an MFT for over 12 years. She draws inspiration from the Zen, Vipassana, Vajrayana, Śaiva, and Śakta teachings, as well as from the wildness of nature.